Generator Fuel Piping, Calculations & Installation

Course Schedule:  This course is 16 hours long spanning over 2 full days and is taught in English.

Course Description: Do you struggle with nuisance hard starts during the winter time with gaseous standby generators where you can never quite pin down exactly why the machine won’t start?  Maybe you have several customers in a development that have issues with generators starting during widespread power outages, but you can never duplicate the issue when you’re onsite?  This is the class for you!  We take a deep dive into how plumbing can affect a generators operation, and cause random operational problems (especially when cold).  We’ll also go over tooling used to install, modify and test these systems so you can be confident in your repairs.

Pre-Requisites: This is an intermediate level class intended for students already familiar with generators, how they operate, and their applications.


Learning Outcomes:
After completion of this class, students will be able to:

  • Calculate piping used for propane and natural gas to determine if there will be or is sufficient fuel flow
  • Identify code compliance issues found in both new and existing installations
  • Offer explanation and corrective action for non-compliant installation issues.
  • Operate tooling needed to cut, thread, install and test pipe installations.
  • Troubleshoot low pressure, hard starting, or nuisance alarms in generator installations related to the gaseous fuel system.

Minimum Required Equipment & Safety Gear:

  • Steel toe or composite toe, electrical rated work boots.
  • ANSI approved safety glasses.
  • ANSI approved cut resistant gloves
  • Appropriate work attire for a shop environment
  • Hearing protection.
  • Notebook and pen / pencil or laptop for notetaking. (Laptops are preferred)

Registration Fees:
Regular Rate – $960 per student
NEGDA Member Rate – $850 per student

All registration fees are to be paid in full prior to the first day of class. Please send checks payable to Mongoose Power Solutions, c/o OPA! to PO Box 13, Spofford, NH 03462

Hotel Reservations are not included with registration and are the responsibility of the attendee/employer to arrange.  A list of nearby recommended accommodations can be found here.

Jamie Claudeo

Course Instructor & Director of Education, On Site Power Academy

Jamie Claudeo Jr. started turning wrenches under his fathers watchful eye when he was just 10 years old climbing in and out of large commercial boilers.  By end of high school he was attending vocational school for electrical trades and before graduating succeeded in taking first place at the state level SkillsUSA competition.  Having a love for engines and machinery, he eventually moved into working on large trucks for Peterbilt after attending Universal Technical Institute in Pennsylvania and Arizona.  After Hurricane Sandy decimated the northeast in 2012 he eventually made his way into Power generation, working for a small company out of NJ.  His strong understanding of both electrical and engines allowed him to move up quickly – taking on large projects, and hard to troubleshoot problems across several states until eventually choosing to start his own business in 2022.

During his free time, Jamie enjoys traveling the world, dark beer, hiking, rock climbing, running and tinkering with old machinery.  On more quiet relaxed evenings you can find him curled up on a giant bean bag chair enjoying a good video game.

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