Mongoose Power Solutions provides On-Site Power Generation Industry representation without the politics!

With over a decade of generator industry experience, Mongoose Power Solutions was born out of the increasingly critical need for shared intelligence within the generator industry.

Mongoose aims to elevate the industry and its stakeholders through education, training and advocacy.

As a member of nearly 20 national, regional and local industry-related associations, we hear firsthand what end-users are facing in terms of regulatory requirements/changes, operational challenges and shared experiences. Mongoose is a resource within these networks to help make sense of generator related regulations and best practices.

In 2020, with the help of our dealer partners, we were able to get our Emergency Power Systems Technician Apprenticeship Program nationally recognized and registered with the U.S. Dept of Labor.

In 2021, we hosted our First Annual, “Mongoose Northeastern Generator Service Dealer Conference” and brought together some of the best, most progressive leaders in the industry to discuss topics designed to level up the skills and focus the efforts of the generator professionals. This first annual conference was designed as a fundraiser for a much needed Full-Time Generator Training Facility to be located in New Hampshire to support New England and the Northeastern United States called OnSite Power Academy (OPA!).

OnSite Power Academy (OPA) is a hands-on training facility where industry leaders can send their staff to train on the all things power generation, whether it be the latest manufacturer products, or enhancing overall industry-specific skills. Whether technical, sales or marketing, OPA! is dedicated to growing the knowledge base and careers of those within the generator industry.

With our Chief Connector, Michelle Hilger having over 12 years of experience as a Diesels Fuels Specialist, our Diesel Fuel Specialists division was born. Whether you are looking for Diesel Fuel Services to be performed on your equipment or you want to implement your own fuel maintenance program, our Diesel Fuel Specialists are here to help! The services performed by the Diesel Fuel Specialist division help contribute to the successful facilitation of the OnSite Power Academy (OPA!).

To learn more about our many levels of offerings please contact us below!

Michelle Hilger Head Shot

Michelle Hilger

Chief Connector, OnSite Power Advocate, Diesel Fuels Specialist

Contact Michelle:

Cell: 215-370-1119
Email: Michelle@MongoosePowerSolutions.com

Mailing Address:

PO Box 13
Spofford, NH 03462

Diesel Fuel Specialists

With over 12 years in the Diesel Fuel Industry and a Vast Network of Vetted Strategic Partners, Mongoose Power Diesel Fuel Specialists is taking fuel quality to a new level, helping create a new industry standard to better ensure the reliability and operability of your emergency power system’s power source.

Whether you are looking for Diesel Fuel Services to be performed on your equipment OR you want to learn more about how to implement your own in-house fuel maintenance program, Mongoose Power Diesel Fuel Specialists are here to help.

Please contact us for any of your Fuel Maintenance Needs:

  • Fuel Sampling Tools
  • Fuel Testing & Evaluation Services
  • Fuel Additives
  • Fuel Tank Accessories
  • Fuel Polishing & Filtration Services
  • Fuel Polishing & Filtration Equipment
  • Fuel Polishing Filters
  • Code Enforcement & Regulations Support
  • Customized Training
    and More…